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Why have SVG images not yet replaced PNG on the web?

For some time, all major browsers already support SVG . I am surprised, why almost every website still uses PNGs for their site's graphics (I mean logo, icons, etc...). Reasons for switching to SVG Perfect display - Because SVG is a vector format, the SVGs images are always rendered sharp, regardless on display resolution. For example, they looks good in iPad hi-res displays. PNG images are blurry on such hi-res displays, if you want better results, you need to supply them in higher resolution, which is not a perfect solution (you need to maintain multiple PNG sizes for multiple devices). Programability - it is possible to manipulate with parts of SVG in JavaScript, handle events such as onmouseover etc.., see the SVG.JS library . But why people are staying with PNG? Compatibility - as PNGs are just plain bitmaps, there is much higher chance they will display properly on various devices. Also, couple of months ago (April 2013), I encountered an Android phone, that could